Civic Awareness Committee

Last Update: 1/18/21

City Council Meeting – December 7, 2020

Immediately following a special council meeting on December 7th to formally accept the election results, the regular monthly meeting of the Edgewater City Council was started and included two new council representatives and the new City Clerk Bonnie Brown.

Most of the agenda items involved zoning issues and end of year budget changes. A summary of this meeting appears in the attachment box below.


Special Council Meeting – December 7, 2020

A special council meeting was held on December 7th to formally accept the election results from November 3rdTwo new council members were elected and many Edgewater Charter Amendments were adopted.  A summary of this meeting appears below.


City of Edgewater Announcement: New Garbage Carts / Trucks 

When the changes to the new garbage carts and truck replacements took place, the timeline was matched so that the trucks would be delivered before the carts were delivered. Unfortunately, delivery of the trucks has been delayed due to a shut down at the manufacturing plant due to COVID-19 and then a fire in the manufacturing plant that made components for the trucks. All of this caused a three month delay in the delivery of the trucks which means they now will delivered in early 2021.

Due to this delay, the City purchased can tippers and installed them on the trucks currently in use. However, due to the cost of the tippers, tippers were not purchased for the spare trucks. Recently two of these trucks have been out of service due to various problems which has forced the use of the trucks without tippers while the front line trucks are being repaired. When this happens, temporary personnel are requested to assist in an effort to put two people on the back of a truck without a tipper.


City Council Meeting – November 6, 2020

 At the monthly City Council Meeting on November 6th, the Council approved a hiring agreement for a new City Clerk and voted on a number of zoning and development planning resolutions.  A  summary of the meeting is located in the attachment box below.


City Council Meeting – October 13, 2020

A special City Council Meeting was held on October 13th to discuss a replacement for the current City Clerk Robin Matusick who submitted her resignation effective November 20, 2020.  After a brief discussion regarding looking outside the city for a replacement, the council voted to offer the City Clerk position to Ms. Bonnie Brown.   Ms. Brown previously served as Edgewater City Clerk from 2008 to 2015 when she transferred to Edgewater Developmental Services.   All five council members voted to award Ms. Brown the position.  A formal hiring agreement will be voted on at the November meeting.