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Last Update: 11/17/19


City Council Workshop Friday November 15, 2019: Solid Waste Pickup       

On Friday November 15th, the Edgewater City Council held a workshop presentation which was opened to the public to review options regarding solid waste pickup in Edgewater.  The keynote speaker was a consultant formerly with PRMG which has been advising the city for several years now

The presentation listed four possible approaches for the city to take including maintaining the status quo.  All approaches will allow the city to keep refuse pickup “in house”, meaning they would use city workers although the number service workers required may decrease. The city is certain they could find other city positions for workers displaced by the change. 

It is estimated that keeping the current set up will require increasing refuse pickup rates by 6.5% per year, for at least the next five years.  Most of this cost is due to the need to replace the transfer station where pickup trucks dump their load as they fill up.

Two of the approaches call for a 1 day a week pickup and require using 95-gallon containers which would be distributed by the city to all residents. Both of these options require a 5% rate increase in the first year to purchase new trucks but zero increases in next 3-4 years.  

The middle-of-the-road approach, which seemed to be the favorite for 3 of 5 council members, would require the city to buy bigger trucks that eliminates the need for a transfer station and would keep the 2 day per week pickup. This approach also requires a 5% rate increase in 2020 plus  3% yearly rate increases over subsequent years. 

The City Council will take a formal vote on these options in the December 2nd meeting.  A copy of the presentation appears in the attachment box below.


 City Council Approves Riverside Marina/Restaurant

 At the July 1st meeting, the Edgewater City Council gave final approval for development of a marina and restaurant at 2001 S. Riverside Drive in Edgewater.  This site was previously a marina but has been sitting unused for several years.

 Many of the opponents of the development felt the project was “too big” for the location and were particularly concerned about inadequate parking. The restaurant will seat up to 150 patrons with 56 parking slots available in addition to 40 boat slips.   Local residents were also concerned about the increased traffic and truck deliveries on the small streets.  


 Edgewater Police Chief Appointed

 Edgewater City Manager Glenn Irby promoted Captain Joe Mahoney to Police Chief. Chief Mahoney has been Acting Chief since November when Dave Arcieri stepped down. 


Edgewater City Manager

On June 3rd, the Edgewater City Council voted to name Mr. Glenn Irby as Permanent City Manager.   Mr. Irby has been serving as Interim City Manager since February and council members were happy with the job he has been doing. A copy of Mr. Irby’s resume appears in the attachment box below.





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