Civic Awareness Committee

Last Update: 1/21/19

Highlights from recent Edgewater City Council meetings appear below as attachments.


2019 Special Election Public Notice

While the upcoming Special Election is to fill the vacant District 2 City Council seat, voting is "at large" meaning all registered voters in the City of Edgewater may vote. A registered voter does not need to reside in District 2 to vote in this election. Three candidates have qualified to run for the vacancy thus requiring a Primary Election on February 19, 2019.                                                                                         

January Workshop Meetings     

Mayor Thomas has scheduled two “Workshop Meetings” in January.  On Monday January 14th at 6:00pm the council will listen to resident concerns regarding high water bills.  On Tuesday January 22nd at 6:30pm, a workshop is scheduled to discuss recently enacted rules requiring annual inspections of rental properties in Edgewater.

Florida-Friendly Fertilizer Use  

The City of Edgewater is considering adopting an ordinance requiring "Florida-Friendly Fertilizer Use".  Among other things, this regulation would prohibit the use of fertilizers containing nitrogen or phosphorous within Edgewater during the period starting June 1st and ending September 30th of each year.  A portion of the proposed changes appears below as an attachment.