BOD Agenda

The next scheduled Board of Directors Meeting will be on Thursday February 7, 2019.

The following officers were nominated and elected for Calendar Year 2019:

  • President                                   Barbara Meeks  
  • Vice President                           J.R. Perog 
  • Treasurer                                  Arden Sulzbach 
  • Recording Secretary                 Roy Garrison
  • Corresponding Secretary          David Sullivan 


  • Edgewater Landing Board of Directors Meeting Agenda for January 3, 2019

    Opening remarks - Barbara Meeks
    Review of Information Officers Report - JR Perog
    Review of November Financials - Ed Hunter
    Review of Violations Report - Ed Hunter

    Committee Reports

    Old Business
    Potential Covenant Change for House Type - Barbara Meeks

    New Business
    Review of 5 Edgewater Landing Bank Accounts - Barbara Meeks
    Proposal for Deck Firepit - Barbara Meeks
    Proposal for Information Officer night shift raise - Barbara Meeks
    Preparation for Cable Contract renewal in 2020 - Barbara Meeks

    Membership Participation