Entertainment Committee News

Last Update:  5/9/22

Entertainment Committee  Karaoke & Dance Night           Friday   May 21st     7:00PM     Elks Club, Edgewater

Karaoke and dance night, come out do a little dancing and do a little singing. 

May 21, 2022 7:00 to 10:00 PM with doors open at 6:30PM. Location: Elks Lodge, 820 W Park Ave, Edgewater. 

Tickets $7.00 per person. Bring your own snacks. Usual cash bar at the Elks.

 Tickets on sale Tuesday / Thursday,  5-6PM  813 Navigators Way


Entertainment Committee Notice

Sorry to see the clubhouse off limits for the duration of the rebuild. We had been holding off scheduling functions due to the uncertainly of the use of the main room. We were looking forward to using the main room to keep entertainment costs at a minimum.

We will continue to schedule some outdoor activities (4th of July etc.) for the pool or indoor items at the Elks. Please keep in mind that indoor activities at the Elks will have a slightly higher cost due to the hall rental and bartender costs. We want to keep community entertainment going. Entertainers do have a cost, not to mention the cost of the venue.

So please understand our situation, with the upcoming departure of our snowbirds, potential attendance can be somewhat limited. If possible, please plan to attend functions and purchase tickets for events we schedule. Keep an eye on the calendar for scheduled events. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.     Winn Cummings,  Entertainment Chairperson 


September 27, 2019   Fifties Dance   

 Fun had by all, winners of the best 50's themed attire, was Janice and Jerry Thomas, see attached photos.