Happenings In The Landing


May 30th  8AM until noon.


We're having a blood drive on May 30th in the parking lot from 8am until noon. 
Needed now more than ever as you all know.
Thank you, you are first responders 
All will be tested for the "COVID virus antibodies"
Look for signup sheet soon on BB
How many times can I say thank you, you are so appreciated and needed.
                                              Linda Walsh

Calling all sewers out there!

The quilt club is making masks for anyone in the medical field, who could use one. 

Please help us fill a need. Patterns can be gotten from me, Lee Crowley, YouTube or facebook.
Call me Linda Walsh for pick up from your stoop or drop off at my home 731 Navigators front stoop in big white bag marked masks.  I will give to Lee Crowley for Halifax 
Thank you           Linda Walsh 434-2738.  

Last update:  5/24/20   

Pelican Pouch Posted for June     

The Pelican Pouch for June has been posted under the ACTIVITIES Menu.  

Due to cancellations of Club House events, there is no monthly calendar.


Men's Breakfast Cancelled for May

Due to the coronavirus, current restrictions on Diners and Restaurants and current EL BOD recommendations, the Men’s Breakfast gathering for May 26, at Steve’s Diner is cancelled. We plan to resume the normal monthly schedule in June unless a similar cancellation notice is issued.

?? to Joe F at 386-478-9601 


Minutes Posted for BOD Meeting 

Minutes from the Board of Directors Meeting held Thursday May 14th have been posted to the BOD Minutes screen which is accessed from the MANAGEMENT drop-down menu.  Resident sign-on is required to view BOD Minutes.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING  -   Thursday    May14th   @9:00A.M.

Restrictions imposed by covid-19 have been slightly relieved; so the board of directors have scheduled a meeting on Thursday, May 14th, with a limited agenda.  A copy of the agenda is posted on the BOD Agenda screen which is accessed from the MANAGEMENT menu.

Because of the continuing restrictions on gatherings, we ask that only committee chairpersons and those persons with direct input regarding agenda items, or urgent issues for the board’s consideration, attend, including new residents.

The Board


E/L Veterans List

Due to health concerns, the annual Edgewater Landing Memorial Day ceremony honoring our veterans has been cancelled and may be rescheduled at a later time (Veteran’s Day?). 

But we would like to update our list of E/L Veterans. To assist in this task, an online copy is available under the “MISC INFO” drop-down menu. 

E/L residents are asked to review the list of veterans and to request additions/updates by emailing Dave Brzezowski at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Access to the online Veterans List is restricted to residents who have signed on to the website with their assigned User Name and Password. 


Library Updates

The E/L Library remains open although residents are urged to follow CDC recommendations regarding social distancing and hand washing. Since the beginning of the year, over 100 books have been added to the library through a combination of resident donations and purchases from HOA funds.

A complete listing of new books is located at the bottom of the Library web page which can be accessed from the MANAGEMENT drop down menu.  Resident sign on is not required to access the Library web page.


 BOD Notice   

Article III of our Declaration restricts commercial and political signs within our community.  Displaying political signs or flags – regardless of which political party is represented – causes tension amongst neighbors, and is prohibited.  This is especially important during these difficult times when many residents are already anxious and uneasy over Coronavirus concerns.  Please do your part to be a good neighbor, and adhere to our governing documents.  


BOD Minutes Posted for Special Meetings In March & April  

In March & April the Board of Directors held three "special" (unscheduled) meetings to discuss the coronavirus and a few other issues that arose recently.  The minutes from these meetings have been posted to the "BOD Minutes" screen which is accessed from the MANAGEMENT drop-down menu.  Resident sign-on is required to access BOD Minutes. 


Document Change Committee 

The Document Change Committee has completed their review of our documents and will be presenting the proposed changes to the Covenants and By-Laws to the Board of Directors at the next regular Board meeting, hopefully in May. These potential changes have been forwarded to our Lawyer for review.

A copy of the proposed changes have been posted to the "Document Change" screen which is accessed from the MISC INFO menu. 

Resident sign-on is not required to view document changes. 


Weekly Refuse Pickup Effective Monday April 20th

The City of Edgewater will be temporarily switching to a weekly pickup for household refuse starting Monday April 20th.

Whichever day is designated for recycle pickup (Thursday for E/L residents) will become the pickup day for regular household refuse, recycle and yard waste. All items should be out on the curb by 7am on pickup day.

The following link can be used for additional information:     >> Click Here for Solid Waste Pickup Information <<


 BOD Coronavirus Announcement 

Due to the potential danger to Edgewater Landing residents from the Corona Virus, and based on the CDC guidelines of limiting activities, the Board is canceling ALL April activities in the clubhouse.  We are also closing the fitness room and will be removing 1/2 of all the tables and chairs on the pool deck and under the poolside canopy. 

We are also issuing the following statement: "We have noted a large increase in the number of guests from ‘out-of-town’ and are concerned about the increased risk to our residents because we are older and at a higher risk from exposure. We request that guests and visitors be asked not to visit until the corona virus is under control and, for those already here or that come anyway, that they self-quarantine for 2 weeks.  We also ask that ALL clubs and activities cease and desist until further notice."

NOTE:  The April BOD Meeting and "Meet a Board Member" have been cancelled.   


Shuffleboard Cancelled Until Further Notice

 Shuffleboard on Mondays at 3:00 is cancelled until further notice.


E/L Board of Directors Notice Regarding Corona Virus

Due to the potential danger to EL residents from the Corona Virus, the Board of Directors met on March 16 to discuss the issues.  The Board has cancelled certain activities in the clubhouse with a potential of 50 or more persons in attendance until the next Board Meeting.  Other activities may be cancelled in the future.  In addition to those activities we strongly suggest that each function make their own evaluation about continuing other clubhouse activities.  In the event that you decide to continue certain activities, precautions must be taken to disinfect or wash hands frequently, including equipment.

Update:  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has amended their recommendations to gatherings of 10 persons.