Happenings In The Landing

Updated: 5/22

 BOD Notice:  Clubhouse Update           May 22nd 

Tree trimming and removal of dead trees around the Clubhouse and trimming of palm trees on Association property throughout the community will begin, weather permitting, on next Monday, May 23rd, and should complete within a day or so. Please be alert for workers and equipment and stay safe.

The demolition permit from the City has been applied for but is expected to take up to two weeks for approval. Cove Points Construction has given us a start date for demolition of Monday, June 6th. Demolition is expected to take about a week and they will then turn their attention to panting the Main Room. Paint color(s) will be decided at the June 9th Board meeting. The June Board meeting will still be held at the United Methodist Church.

The City has given us permission for limited use of the Main Room of the Clubhouse. The limitations, and requirements for such use will be discussed at the Board meeting, but we will not be able to use it for entertainments or parties probably until construction is complete.

Reminder to all; All comments and questions regarding the Clubhouse restoration project should go through the Restoration or Interior Design Committees not the construction workers.

The Board


Minutes Posted for May BOD Meeting  

The minutes from the May 5th Board of Directors Meeting have been posted on the BOD Minutes screen, which is accessed from the MANAGEMENT drop-down menu.  Resident sign-on is required to access BOD Minutes.


 BOD Notice:  CLUBHOUSE UPDATE           May 18th

    You may have noticed personnel from Cove Points wandering around the Clubhouse over the last couple of days. That is because they are preparing to start work soon. Cove Points has applied for a demolition permit and we're waiting for a response from the City. The start date will depend on when they get the permit but should be either within the next week or maybe not until the second week in June because they have several other large commercial jobs due to start. Cove Points has assured us that whenever they can start, they will work to complete the restoration as soon as possible.

     Please note that when they start work the area around the clubhouse will be 'fenced off' and DANGER posted, and there will be no access without approval from Bill Lee or Paul Wright. This is to ensure your safety and the safety of the construction workers. Also please note that all communication with Cove Points will be through the Restoration Committee, Bill Lee, or the Board, Paul Wright.

     I talked to the City Building Official, Mike Garrett, last Friday about reopening the Main Room. He needed concurrence from the Fire Chief, Jeff Lariscy, but thought it was likely we could reopen. Chief Lariscy sent an email stating that he had no issues with reopening so now we are just waiting for written authority from the City. There will be limitations. We will need to get portable rest facilities and will only be able to use the room for meetings, which could include Bingo, cards, dominos, etc. We will not be able to use the room for entertainments or dinners, probably until the restoration is complete. We just got an email this morning (5/18/22) saying that we are allowed to use the Main Room for limited purposes. But remember -  Until further notice, the Clubhouse is still not open for occupancy.

Just as a reminder, please do not talk to, question or give direction to contractor personnel. All inquiries should go to the appropriate committee (below) or the Board, if needed.

The Restoration Committee is chaired by Bill Lee and is responsible for rebuilding the structure and all interaction with the Board, the contractor and residents.

The Interior Design Committee is chaired by Dana Maciewicz and is responsible for colors, flooring, cabinets, furniture, etc.

        The Board         


 BOD Notice: Maintenance Office Hours are Changing

We are reducing the hours that Sandi will be in the office. This is being done at Sandi's request and to save money for the summer.

The new hours will be:

  • Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM 
  • Friday from 1:00PM to 5:00PM


Book Club Meeting                      Thursday    May 28th    9:30AM          331 Schooner Ave

The book club will meet May 28th at 9:30 at Suejean’s home.

Our book selection is "The Henna Artist" written by Alka Joshi. Set in India in the 1950's Lakshmi remakes her life as a henna artist until her old life reappears.

This will be our last meeting until October. Our summer read is "The Lincoln Highway" written by Amor Towles. 

Questions?   Suejean Kienke 


Boat & Fish Club     Fun in the Sun      Wednesday June 8th      11:00am – 2:00pm  Menard-May Park

Come join us for great food and fun.  Feast on a delicious Meal in our beautiful Menard-May Park on the Water in Edgewater Bring Chairs!  Space is limited so get  your ticket early

Tickets 10.00 pp for B&F Members    Tickets on Sale Tuesday & Thursday 4PM-5PM       801 Starboard Ave 

 Nonmember residents may purchase tickets beginning May 24th @ $15.00 pp. or join our club for $14.00 pp, 

Menard-May Park Picnic Ticket Sales Will End on June 2, 2022


BOD Agenda and Response to Community Issues 

The agenda for the May 5th Board of Directors Meeting has been posted to the BOD Agenda screen which can be accessed from the MANAGEMENT drop-down menu.

In addition, the Board's response to recent community concerns is located at the bottom of this screen and on the BOD Agenda screen. 

>>> Click Here to Link to BOD Response Letter <<


Pelican Pouch & Calendar Posted for May  

The Pelican Pouch and monthly Calendar for May have been posted under the ACTIVITIES drop-down menu.


E/L Veterans List Updated

An updated list of Edgewater Landing Veterans has been posted to the EL Veterans webpage which is accessed from the MISC INFO drop-down menu.   Resident sign-on is required to access the EL Veterans webpage. 


Special Board Meeting

The Board will be meeting on Thursday, April 21, 2022 with our Lawyer to discuss proposed or pending litigation. This notice is given in accordance with Florida Statute 730.301. The meeting will not be open to the public.

Clubhouse Update   -  April  17th  

The City Fire Inspector, at the direction of the Fire Marshall, posted a 'Danger - Do Not Enter or Occupy' sign on the north clubhouse door. This posting was supposed to have been on the building since the fire. According to Fire Chief/Marshall Jeff Lariscy this posting only allows access to the building for cleanup, damage evaluation and reconstruction planning. We have scheduled additional cleaning and deodorizing of the stackable chairs on Wednesday, April 20th. It is possible that occupancy could be allowed for limited numbers of people and we are working to identify the requirements for that possibility.

In the meantime, no Association activities will be allowed in the Main Room and the May Board meeting will be held at the United Methodist Church.

The Edgewater Landing Community Connection facebook page, nor any similar,  is NOT authorized by nor does it officially represent the Association. It sometimes includes or presents inaccurate and incomplete information that has not been verified or authorized by the Board  Please refer to our website or the periodic emails.


 Clubhouse Restoration Update 

It may seem that restoration work has come to a standstill, well it has. We've had some questions and concerns about the proposed contract with the contractor, and there have been delays in getting a response from our Lawyer. We just received our Lawyers' comments and will be resolving them with the contractor shortly so work can begin.

 We have started allowing limited use of the Main Room and the tables and chairs from the storeroom and ask that anyone wanting to use the room or the 'furniture' let a Board member know of your desire. In general, use of the room will be limited to a couple of tables and some chairs set up then promptly removed.

We will not be able to get the room painted before the April Board meeting, but will still hold the meeting there. Chairs only (no tables) will be set up for the audience and will be left set up for the Women's Club meeting that afternoon. All furniture will be put away at the end of the day.

 There is still a slight 'smoky' smell in the room and the carpet still looks like it needs cleaning. We have scheduled Precision Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning to clean the carpet on Thursday, March 24th, and hope that painting the room and disposing of the couches will eliminate the remainder of the smell.


Board of Directors Clubhouse Update             2/17/22   -      Activities during the last two weeks    

  • The Joe Taylor crew continued cleaning contents (including 4 tables and 20 chairs from the Library), the Bingo board and the wall and floor surfaces. They had a sub-contractor come to remove and clean the window treatments, but they had to come back to clean them in place. We are requesting that the main room walls be sealed and painted to eliminate the odor. Color will be decided later.
  • The ‘Reconstruction Committee’ has completed interviews with general contractors, and I am talking with our lead adjuster to identify any objections and the process for hiring. Selection should be announced shortly. The first expected reconstruction activity will be removal of the debris from the fire. This will include walls, cabinets, ceilings and floors from the kitchen through the game room.
  • We (the Board) have decided to dispose of the couches from the main room because they still, and will probably always, smell smoky. Replacement will be considered later.
  • We are expecting a check to pay for estimated contents cleaning and replacement. We have questions on the process and timeframe constraint (180 days) since we don’t have space to put stuff. (We may buy pool tables and ‘store’ them in a usable arrangement in the main room until they can be moved to the rebuilt game room.)
  • Attendance at the Board meetings, since the fire, has been impressive. Attendees have been attentive, focused and respectful. (More than double the typical Board meeting attendance.) When we can return to meetings in the main room we will be setting up rows of chairs, without tables, in expectation of and to allow for continued large attendance. 

We remind you again that the clubhouse is not open for access until the cleaning and debris removal is completed. If you need access for a practical reason, contact a Board member or Bill Lee for escort. 


Access to "Resident Only" Website Pages    

   Several people have asked how to get access to the 'password protected' portion of the 'edgewaterlanding.com' website to be able to see Board meeting minutes, budget data and other information we don't want to have available to non-residents. To get a password; contact Ron Hebard with your name(s) and Lot number. He will assign you an initial password, explain how you'll have to change it the first time you log in and answer questions about access.

   Ron can be contacted at 646-725-4075 or email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Fitness Room and Wood Shop 

 A combination lock has been installed on the door to the Fitness Room form the pool area. The Fitness Room is now available for use.

 Access to the Wood Shop is through the poolside Fitness Room door. Open and use the sliding glass door while working in the Wood Shop. When through working; clean up, close and lock the sliding glass door and exit the building through the Fitness Room.

Releases are still required for use of the Fitness Room or Wood Shop


 Clubhouse Update from the Board of Directors

Following are actions and activities toward restoring the Clubhouse that happened over the last week or so.

  •  We started clearing a path from the front entrance to the library to make traveling through the hallway to access the Library / Ceramics Room less hazardous.
  • We bought thirty-one (31) corrugated boxes for storing material from the clubhouse.
  • Library club representative looked at the condition of the books and puzzles in the library and decided that cleaning books and games might not be cost effective. I asked Carlos (Joe Taylor) whether it was feasible to clean and reuse. If it isn’t cost effective, we will dispose of the books, puzzles and games and depend on new contributions to ‘restock’ the library.
  • The path from the front entrance to the library was further cleared for safety and to allow access for carts and dollies to be used to move material out of the library.
  • The Ceramics Club sorted through all the paints, books and projects. All they thought could be usable were removed from the clubhouse for further evaluation.
  • The Kitchen Committee and EGGS went through the kitchen and adjacent storage rooms. Usable items were removed to the Entertainment shed to be stored until the kitchen is returned to use. Refrigerator contents and damaged or unrecoverable material was thrown away.
  • Chorus representatives removed sheet music from the closet in the library, and three (3) file cabinets, and will be stored at a member’s house until the clubhouse is returned to use.
  • Electricity and A/C are restored in the wood shop and fitness room. A combination lock will be installed on the poolside door to the fitness room and then access can be restored. Electricity to the Main Room is also restored, but HVAC will not be turned on until the ductwork is cleaned.
  • The Joe Taylor crew continues cleaning the Main Room and its contents. The HVAC team started on cleaning the air handlers and ducting.
  • Bill Lee and team interviewed the first potential General Contractor for the restoration project. Prepared questions were answered and ‘other situations and opportunities’ during the restoration process were discussed.

Though we are making progress, there are still limitations.

  1. Access to the Woodshop and Fitness Room will NOT be available until the combination lock is installed on the poolside door. The lock should be installed within the next week. Access to the Woodshop will be through the Fitness Room to open the sliding glass door from the Woodshop. Material and tools can then be moved through that sliding door for working. The Woodshop must be cleaned and the sliding glass door shut and locked before exiting through the Fitness Room when finished working.
  2. Cleaning in the Main Room is still ongoing so it will not be returned for use for at least another two (2) weeks. Activities that will be allowed to return to the room, and when, will be decided by the Board at the next meeting.
  3. Access requests to remove additional material must be authorized and accompanied by Facilities. Please adhere to all access restrictions for your safety. Access restrictions to the area around the fire damage may change and will be strengthened when a General Contractor is selected and they begin the recovery process.                                      


 Zumba Gold            Tuesday & Wednesday  10AM     Pelican Cove West

We have secured a location to hold our Zumba Gold Toning classes.

Pelican Cove West has been kind enough to make it affordable for our Tuesday and Wednesday at 10AM classes to continue. Since I will be paying rent the charge per person per class will be $4.

Classes will resume on Tuesday January 11 @ 10AM! Hope to see you there!      

??  Janis Shive  (after Jan 3rd)  


2022 Board of Directors Information

The schedule for 2022 Board of Directors Meetings has been posted on the BOD Agenda screen.

Contact information for Board members is posted at the bottom of the BOD Minutes screen which is restricted to E/L residents with sign-ons.   BOD Agenda & Minutes are accessed from the MANAGEMENT drop-down menu.


Shuffleboard   Time Change                 Monday  &  Thursday      3PM   

Beginning on Monday, Nov 15, Time Change * 3:00PM on Monday & Thursday


 2022 Budget Planning 

The Operating Budget for 2022 and the 3-year Capital Projects Budget for 2022-2024 were presented to the Board at the October 7, 2021 meeting and approved by the Board of Directors on November 4, 2021.  

The budget calls for a $25 increase in quarterly HOA fees raising the fee total to $545 per quarter. A copy of these budgets are avaliable on the Budget webpage which is accessed from the MANAGEMENT drop-down menu.  Resident sign-on is required to view budget data. 


 E/L Forms Screen 

Residents can access the "EL Forms" screen under the MISC INFO drop-down menu to print commonly used forms.  

Residents without access to a printer can find most forms in the Library/Ceramic Room.


E/L Purchasing Policy

A summary of the current “Purchase Approval Requirements” appears in the attachment box at the bottom of this screen.  This information is also included in the ”Purchase Policy & Procedures” located on the Policy & Procedures web page, which is accessed from the MANAGEMENT drop-down menu.  


Aluminum Can Recyle

Instead of putting your aluminum cans out for Thursday’s recycle pickup, please take them to the marked bins by the back gate. Edgewater Landing collects cans and sells them to the recycle center This is some fun extra cash for our HOA account. If you are able, please crush your cans before bagging them. Aluminum only please.

Thank you to those who support this project and the volunteers who make it all happen.     


EL Men’s Breakfast —Last Tuesday of every month

Steve’s Diner, US-1, Oak Hill @ 7:45 AM

Safe distance and sanitizing conditions will apply

??  to Joe Favaloro @ 386-478-9601

Download this file (Response to Community.pdf)BOD Response to Community Issues 010
Download this file (PP Article on Purchasing.pdf)Purchase Approval Policy 015
Download this file (EL_Website_Guide_May7.pdf)E/L Website Guide 20