Happenings In The Landing

 Updated: 9/23/22

Minutes Posted for September BOD Meeting  

The minutes from the Board of Directors Meeting on September 8, 2022 have been posted on the BOD Minutes screen, which is accessed from the MANAGEMENT drop-down menu.  Resident sign-on is required to access BOD Minutes.


Boat & Fish October Fest            Saturday October 1st       1:00PM – 4:00PM      Clubhouse

Boat & Fish Club is having an October Fest on Saturday October 1. From 1PM to 4PM in the Clubhouse Main Rooom / Back Deck (Weather Permitting)

Food!   Music!  Beer!    Menu: Brats, All Beef Dogs, Sauerkraut, German Red Cabbage, German Potato Salad

Tickets on Sale Tues/Thurs 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Ticket Sales Alert:  Last Day to buy tickets is Tuesday Sept 27th !!


Meet The Candidates for EL Board of Directors    Weds.  Oct. 5th.  6:30pm  Clubhouse MR

We hope to see many of you that could not attend our cutting edge HOA meetings.

Come meet our anxious candidates.  Anxious to meet you and to be on the Board.

Questions can be submitted inwriting for the candidates. A question lock box is in main room on the table in the Northeast corner of our club house. Come stump the stars? Submit your questions and come on out and support our volunteers for the Board of Directors.

 ?????? Nick Bratton             See you Oct. 5th.  Let’s have a great turnout.


E/L Men’s Breakfast             Last Tuesday of Month  7:45am            C's Country  Diner      Oak Hill      

The former “Steve’s Famous Diner”, located at 741 US -1, Oak Hill, FL, where we have previously gathered for breakfast, is now under new Management as “C’s Country Diner”. This is the same owner as “C’s Waffles”. They are continuing to host our Men’s Breakfast Group on the last Tuesday of every month beginning at 7:45 AM. All Edgewater Landing men, and their male guests, are invited to gather together for breakfast and fellowship. As before, there are no dues, agendas, officers or commitments.

Please refer any questions to Joe Favaloro at (386) 428-7640 or (386)478-9601


Education Committee: Upcoming Events   

The Education Committee webpage lists several upcoming events.      >>> Click Here to see Education Committe events <<<


BOD Notice:  Closed Meeting  

There will be a Closed Legal Meeting of the Board at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, September 13, 2022.


BOD Notice:  Community  Update           August 28th    

    We met with representatives from Cove Points Construction and Coastal Claims Services to get updates on the settlement with Tower Hill Prime and status of the requested bond.

     Coastal Claims needs to come to agreement with Cove Points on an estimated cost to complete the project that they can negotiate with Tower Hill and us. Cove Points has not received the as built drawings from the architect which are needed to prepare a cost estimate for our concurrence to present to Tower Hill. Drawings are expected in September. We will then review them and propose changes. Accepted changes will be incorporated into the drawings, the drawings will be approved and the cost estimate will be prepared. The final drawings and cost estimate will then be sent to Tower Hill for negotiation and the final drawings sent to the City to request a building permit. Cove Points estimates the start of construction to be in about ninety (90) days.

    Cove Points has not gotten a bond yet in concern for the cost to us and because their bonding company and insurance company both questioned the need for a bond. A surety bond typically costs Three percent (3%) of the total project cost and we pay for it. For example, on a 1 million dollar project the bond would cost $30,000. We have asked our Lawyer to send a letter to Cove Points demanding they obtain a bond, but we have also asked the President of Cove Points to make a presentation at the September Board meeting, explaining his hesitation, so we could consider not requiring the bond.

    We have received several requests for copies of Association documentation. Some of the requested documentation doesn't exist. Article XIV of the By-Laws states;

"Members are entitled to inspect and copy during regular business hours at the corporation's principal office, books, records and papers of the Association. The Edgewater Landing Documents of the Association shall be available for inspection by any member at the principal office of the Association, or such other address as the Board may from time to time designate, and copies may be purchased at a reasonable cost at such address."

 All requests must be addressed to TJW. TJW will schedule an opportunity to inspect and/or copy records at the TJW office. We also ask that requests for multiple documents be combined in a single letter

     A reminder that the September Board meeting will be held on September 8th, the second Thursday of the month. Candidate Applications for anyone wanting to run for the Board must be submitted to the Nominating Committee before this Board meeting at which the nominations will be closed.

 The Board           >>> Click Here to View Previous BOD Notices <<<


Bingo Returns To Edgewater Landing                Thursday   August 4th   @7pm.               Clubhouse   

Bingo in the Clubhouse will resume on Thursday, August 4, 2022 at 7 pm.

Come earlier to purchase your cards.  Look forward to seeing our regulars and hopefully some new faces.

??  Drew Kaelin


Maintenance Office Hours       Tuesday, Thursday & Friday      9:00AM - 5:00PM   

The Maintenance Office is open on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 9:00AM until 5:00PM.  Wendy Hurtubise is the new Administrative Secretary in the Maintenance Office.  Office phone number is (386) 423-3821.  


Shuffleboard   Time Change                 Monday  &  Thursday      9AM  

Summer Hours (a little cooler in the mornings).  Please join us!

First timers definitely welcome! (You can learn the game in about 10 minutes and within 1/2 hour you’ll be as good as the rest of us!).   “You don’t even have to bend over.”


Annual Financial Review for 2021

A copy of the "Independent Accountants' Review" for the year ending December 2021 is located on the Budget webpage which can be accessed from the MANAGEMENT drop-down menu.  Resident sign on is required to access Budget information. 


E/L Veterans List Updated

An updated list of Edgewater Landing Veterans has been posted to the EL Veterans webpage which is accessed from the MISC INFO drop-down menu.   Resident sign-on is required to access the EL Veterans webpage. 


Access to "Resident Only" Website Pages    

   Several people have asked how to get access to the 'password protected' portion of the 'edgewaterlanding.com' website to be able to see Board meeting minutes, budget data and other information we don't want to have available to non-residents. To get a password; contact Ron Hebard with your name(s) and Lot number. He will assign you an initial password, explain how you'll have to change it the first time you log in and answer questions about access.

   Ron can be contacted at 646-725-4075 or email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Fitness Room and Wood Shop 

 A combination lock has been installed on the door to the Fitness Room form the pool area. The Fitness Room is now available for use.

 Access to the Wood Shop is through the poolside Fitness Room door. Open and use the sliding glass door while working in the Wood Shop. When through working; clean up, close and lock the sliding glass door and exit the building through the Fitness Room.

Releases are still required for use of the Fitness Room or Wood Shop


 2022 Board of Directors Information

The schedule for 2022 Board of Directors Meetings has been posted on the BOD Agenda screen.

Contact information for Board members is posted at the bottom of the BOD Minutes screen which is restricted to E/L residents with sign-ons.   BOD Agenda & Minutes are accessed from the MANAGEMENT drop-down menu.


 E/L Forms Screen 

Residents can access the "EL Forms" screen under the MISC INFO drop-down menu to print commonly used forms.  

Residents without access to a printer can find most forms in the Library/Ceramic Room.


Aluminum Can Recyle

Instead of putting your aluminum cans out for Thursday’s recycle pickup, please take them to the marked bins by the back gate. Edgewater Landing collects cans and sells them to the recycle center This is some fun extra cash for our HOA account. If you are able, please crush your cans before bagging them. Aluminum only please.

Thank you to those who support this project and the volunteers who make it all happen.     



Download this file (PP Article on Purchasing.pdf)Purchase Approval Policy 015
Download this file (EL_Website_Guide_Sept172022a.pdf)E/L Website Guide 020